What is mastering?
Mastering serves as the final stop for your music before it is uploaded to digital distributors and/or sent out for physical media replication. It consists of three major components:
-A final round of white-glove audio processing handled by an objective pair of ears, to ensure your project is both — internally cohesive, and able to stand confidently among its peers in the constant flow of new releases.
-Creation of all audio files and certain metadata that become the definitive source files for all release channels of your music.
-Two phases of quality control. One on the way in, making sure there are no issues with the mix files (and if there are issues, requesting specific revisions from the mix engineer.) One on the way out, making sure every deliverable is formatted to the correct specifications, and matches the approved final version.

What is the process for getting my music mastered?
Every project is unique, but the general process once we have decided to work together is:
-You send me WAVs of your mixes.
-Within a couple days of receiving your mixes I send back a proof of the master.
-You send me any notes.
-I send you a revised proof. (I want you to be satisfied so the number of revisions is open ended within reason.)
-Once the final version is approved I create all the requested deliverables.
-You pay the invoice.
-I send the download link for your mastered files.
-You release beautiful new music into the world.

What will I receive?
Deliverables are created based on the specific needs of your project, but at minimum you will always receive:
-Mastered 24bit WAV files at the native sample rate of your mix.
-Mastered 16bit WAV files at 44,100kHz.

Do you master for physical formats as well?
Yes! If you are planning a CD, vinyl, or other common physical format release we will discuss what exactly you need during our preparation communications. Common deliverables include:
-DDPs for CD replication companies.
-Full side premaster WAVs for vinyl cutting engineers.
(Note: I do not create any physical media in house, but if you do not already have your own providers in mind for those services I am always happy to point you towards ones that I trust.)

Do you master surround / immersive formats?
No, at the moment I only work with two-channel stereo audio.
This may change in the future if consumers and distributors widely adopt newer immersive formats for music consumption, but historically formats greater than two channels have remained niche in the music world.

How much does it cost?
My rates start at $60 per song for independent artists, and $100 per song for label backed artists.
Additional deliverable files outside the standard set (including any alternate mixes) are billed per file.
Projects with six or more songs receive a discounted “album” rate.

For a detailed quote, please contact me with your project specifics including:
-Number of songs.
-Number of alternate mixes (clean, instrumental, TV, etc.)
-Any other deliverables needed, including WAVs at additional sample rates, files for physical media creation, etc.
If you are not sure exactly what you need, send what you do know and we will figure out the rest together.

How long does it take?
Again every project is unique, but in most cases you will receive a first proof back within a couple days of me receiving all of the files for your project.
If you have a strict timeline please mention that in our preparation communications and I will do my best to accommodate it.
Extreme rush turnaround requests are subject to scheduling availability and will incur an additional 25% fee on your invoice.

Where are you based?
Kamuela, Hawaii. (UTC−10:00)
Though you may know me from my years working out of Minneapolis Minnesota.

Can I attend my mastering session?
Unfortunately not at the moment. However I am always open to setting up phone or internet calls at any point in the project.

Where can I hear examples of your work?
Right here!